Saturday, 12 January 2013

gangster squad

so, I went to see gangster squad last night with my two fellow gosling loving girlfriends and we really enjoyed it!
I must admit, I was a little worried as I'd not heard rave reviews but I really loved this film. mr gosling is beautiful as ever in his dapper suits with his cheeky one liners in an amusing high pitched voice!
sean penn played his character very well - evil, scary man! 
Emma stone is a beauty and you sit there feeling very jealous of her on screen chemistry with gosling! the rest of the cast worked well together and created lots of comedy moments!
this film was a little more violent than I expected but I didn't mind!
to conclude - a must see for any ryan gosling fans!


1 comment:

  1. I saw it and loved it! Although, the car torture scene in the first five minutes of the movie was a little horrific! The comedy and Gosling factor quickly sorted the situation though!