Sunday, 11 October 2009


I'm Hannah Louise (Hannah Lou/ Lou Lou - to my friends) and this blog is long overdue. I probably should have created this whilst at university, but what the hell, better late than never.

I graduated from UCA Rochester in June 2008 after gaining a first class honours degree in Fashion promotion. Since leaving university I have worked various different jobs and moved around rather a lot in hope of one day getting where I want to be in this world.

Currently working as a visual merchandiser for Topshop and truthfully I love my job, but desperately want to progress up the career ladder further, sometimes I question what I'm doing yet at the same time feel lucky to have a job at all during these times. My home life isn't so great right now and am currently looking for a new place to live. I feel like I'm on the move all the time lately and yes it's exhausting and sometimes I consider giving up and moving back to mum and dad, but my friends, family and gratitude for a job that has prospects and is relevant to what I want to do (even though sometimes I'm not so sure what that is) keeps me going during this difficult time. I hope to be consistent with updating this blog as I think it will be another creative outlet for me and give me some purpose alongside the old 9-5.

Originally from Swindon and moved to Kent over 4 years ago now, when I decided to fly the nest and hopefully better myself and my chances of getting a job (naive) by going to uni.  I definitely found myself during those 3 years. I discovered my own style, realised what I was good at/ not so good at, I made friends for life and met people that have shaped me. I miss being a student, even though I probably moaned at the time, it was the most fun and carefree time of my life so far- except Reading festival 2009 when I vacated my life and all I cared about was the next band playing and where the next can of cider was coming from.

About me- I wear fake eyelashes daily and people look at me funny. Approximately 90% of my wardrobe is charity shop so my clothes will have many stories to tell. I don't want to look like everyone else. I hate the way people have preconceptions before they even speak to me. I have more fashion magazines than Franks. I love my pixie hair, but hate it when the roots grow out. I want to be someone's muse one day, as I love to inspire creativity in others as well as myself. I'm at my most happy when I'm cutting/customising my clothes, making jewellery, styling a mannequin, looking at a great photo, hearing a new song, digging for a fabulous charity shop find or hunting for new nail polish colours with one of my best friends and fellow Florence lover Anna.

Okay I'm bored now, so you must be too. Hopefully this is the start of something beautiful.

Hannah Lou Xx

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  1. Hi there!
    Yay another retro/thrift loving blog!!
    I think it's always hard to get followers when you first get started - I'm pretty new to blogging too - but it's nice to find some other new blogs to follow :> Look foward to reading more!

    Happy blogging